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Nov. 21st, 2010

We finally put in an actual 40hr workweek, the first one since I've been there. This coincides with the exit of one of our department managers. Next week will be back to 3 days because of the holidays. I need to figure out how to get the front brakes fixed on my van, maybe I can have that done over the holiday weekend. Been working on two paintings, one landscape of a long and winding road and one small still-life that should be done in time for Thanksgiving. I think it's warm enough to go for a motorcycle ride today.

The Planet Series

This summer, while I was doing art shows, I finally finished The Planet Series. This was a major goal for me. Some may be redone later in different ways in larger formats, but these will always be my favorites.

MercuryVenusEarth from MoonMars
Pluto & Charon

a cartoon

The Zion Way

I grew up in the small town of Zion Illinois and I always wondered why it was illegal to sell alcohol and to spit on the sidewalk whithin the city limits. I think this cartoon from the 1909 book "Leaves of Healing" explains why. It all just seems a little paranoid to me.
Another day off. (yay). These 4am "don't come in to work" calls are a little tough though, can't get back to sleep. Yesterday I was just going to go to the store for soda pop on the motorcycle, but when I got to the store instead of turning into the parking lot, I kept going straight. Had a feeling of freedom that I don't get very often. Just followed the road until it took me to the chain 'o' lakes. Had lunch in a bar a few towns over then went home and took a nap.
I'm amazed my LJ account is still open since I haven't used it for such a long time. I've been using facebook and myspace, but they don't seem to be as well suited for leaving long rambling post as LJ does. Anyway, I've been painting for the last three years and I quit my job last spring to paint more and try to sell my paintings at art shows. That job just wouldn't give me weekends off to do that. Couldn't sell any paintings so I got a temp job. They called off work for the last 3 days which makes me happy cause I can paint, but I'll have to make up the money somehow, maybe ebay.

Old clothes...

My closets are overflowing with stuff I don't use and clothes I don't wear. I just had to get rid of some it, so I stuffed the most unwearable stuff into a large garbage bag and took it downstairs to the dumpster. It seems everybody else had the same notion to get rid of old stuff because the dumpsters were full and there were boxes piled all around them. As I stuff my garbage bag into the dumpster I looked down to see a box of clothes that don't look half bad and guess what, they are just my size. It was tough, but I resisted the temptation to grab the whole box. I only grabbed the sweater that was on top and ran back up to my apartment.

Happy Holidays...

A late Christmas picture A late Christmas picture


The icy wind is howling out my name...

Well, I must go out. Either walking or on the bicycle. I don't know which yet, but I need the exercise. The wind is howling and the temperature with the wind chill is 0 degrees. But the sun is shining and that helps. The Beatles song 'The End' is stuck in my head-
"And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make."

Another painting...

treeline treeline
Another Fast & Fun from Donna Dewberry's book

Time again...

So why do people believe that space and time are two separate things. If time is defined as a measurement of movement and space is defined as matter, or the thing that is doing the moving, doesn't that make time an attribute of space. Maybe it's because our awareness of time is in our heads that we think time is a separate thing. We've even come to think of time as a dimension by itself, but it's not. Time is inherent in all the other dimensions.