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coincidences and synchronicity

A few days ago a cowOrker was talking about the origins of the labels in the Divergent series of stories. My only contribution was a poorly remembered set of labels from the movie Gattaca (valid and invalid). Then Gattaca was shown on TV a night or two later,coincidence, and it was good seeing it again.

Today on my way to work I was listening to the radio station WDRV and they chose to highlight the band Van Halen once again. They mentioned the M&M clause in their contract. I read about the M&M clause in Valerie Bertinelli's autobiography and it was a wonderful story about how she and Eddie met. I thought, "How can you mention that and not talk about Valerie's book." The funny thing is, when I get home from work and watch a little TV, they are showing the life and times of Pauncho Barnes on PBS. Once again, I am thinking about Valerie Bertinelli because this was something she talked about (playing the role of Pauncho Barnes) in her book.

long time gone.

Glad to see My LiveJournal is still here. I may return soon to escape the pitfalls of modern social media.


I have a message in my inbox, but when I try to read it LJ says:
(You are not authorized to view this comment)
If it is a message to me and I am not authorized to read it, WHO IS?

Back to basics...

I've been wanting to paint better portraits, so I went back to Lee Hammonds book, "Paint People in Acrylics". This is one of the exercises.



I'm not sure if this painting of the Long Road is finished or not. I had thought about putting the Emerald City on the far horizon, then I thought maybe the Chicago skyline as it looks from 50 miles away. But I might leave it like this with just a little detail added.
Long Road 2
Just relaxing today and doing a little painting. These quick pastels are kind of a warm-up for working on larger paintings which can take months to complete.

Happy late Thanksgiving. I'm way behind, still working on my Thanksgiving painting. The "Long Road" will have to wait. It was nice out today so I took the motorcycle out to get groceries and took the long way home. Listening to Neil Young cd's and thinking about Linc-Volt.

The long and winding road...

I've been up all night working on this painting. It's half-way done and I'm considering the next step. I think I'd better go to bed, because when I look at the painting and imagine the finished product, I see at the end of the road - The Emerald City(yes, that one). And maybe a rainbow to boot. I can not give in. M u s t b e s e r i o u s a r t i s t !